Yorkie Body W/ Show Cut

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Yorkie lovers, owners, and judges understand the importance of this sprightly breed’s long, glossy coat. Many of the physical attributes of this award-winning show dog are presented in our Sterling Silver Yorkshire Terrier pendant, with extra attention placed on hair and coat quality. The Yorkshire Terrier necklace charm features the longhaired Yorkie in profile view, displaying a high level of confidence and determination as if the tiny breed has taken the stage to receive yet another gold medal. The Yorkshire Terrier pendant highlights the breed’s v-shaped erect ears and signature long, silky coat that falls gracefully to the floor. Whether your Yorkie shines on stage or prefers to snuggle up on the couch with the family, this Yorkshire Terrier charm is sure to make a statement with Yorkie lovers everywhere. Sterling Silver Yorkshire Terrier pendant pairs perfectly with Yorkshire Terrier earrings. Yorkie lovers will adore this finely detailed piece of Yorkshire Terrier breed jewelry. Hold your favorite toy group breed close to the heart with our authentic Yorkie gifts. Made from Recycled Sterling Silver and marked .925. 100% handmade in the USA. Size includes bail: 1" tall X 7/8" wide

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