Rottweiler Body

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Our full body Rottweiler pendant appears powerful, strong, and impressive just like their real life Rottweiler counterparts. The size and rectangular body proportions of the Rottie breed are captured in this authentic Rottweiler jewelry. Everything about a Rottie shows nobility, strength, and substance from their firm level back to their deep broad chest and well developed forechest. Show your Rottweiler pride and fetch compliments wearing this attractive Rottie pendant! Also view our other Rottie breed inspired jewelry pieces. This Rottweiler pendant can be worn with matching Rottweiler earrings. Rottie charm is an attractive gift for any Rottweiler lover to give or receive! Choose this Rottie jewelry for its elegance and pizzazz, just like the Rottweiler breed itself. Made from Recycled Sterling Silver and marked .925. 100% handmade in the USA. Size includes bail: 7/8" tall X 1" wide

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