Rhodesian Ridgeback Body w/Lion

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Our Rhodesian Ridgeback pendant captures all the unique features of this distinguished member of the Hound Group. Featuring an outline of the dog’s profile, the Rhodesian Ridgeback charm shows a strong and muscular medium-size hound, slightly longer than tall, but symmetrical and well balanced. The head is of fair length, with a deep muzzle and high-set ears. The forelegs on the Ridgeback pendant are long, strong and perfectly straight, with a heavy bone density designed to sustain high forces when in motion. Embedded within the chest is the beautiful silhouette of a lion, included as a tribute to the Ridgeback’s prowess in lion hunting. Of course the hallmark of the breed—the ridge of hair on the back that grows in the opposite direction of the coat—is clearly defined, beginning behind the shoulders and continuing to the hips. Sterling Silver Rhodesian Ridgeback pendant pairs perfectly with our Sterling Silver Rhodesian Ridgeback earrings. The Rhodesian Ridgeback charm commemorates the dignified, even-tempered and affectionate Ridgeback dog breed! The Ridgeback pendant makes an outstanding Ridgeback jewelry gift for dog owners. Made from Recycled Sterling Silver and marked .925. 100% handmade in the USA. Size includes bail: 1" tall X 1-1/4" wide

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