Purrfect Crunchy Feather

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The PURRfect CrunchyFeather Cat Toy has a 32-in. flexible wand and 38-in. color-reinforced cords and is designed with interchangeable attachments for optimal cat fun. One attachment contains natural feathers and tear-resistant crunchy tassels to provide an animal scent and rustling sound to stir cats’ hunting instincts. The other attachment features a blend of natural feathers that smells like and mimics a bird in flight. Additional attachments are sold separately. • 32" Clear Flexible Wand • 38" Colored Reinforced Cords • Two Different Interchangeable Toy Ends • One End- Natural Feathers Surrounding a Crunchy Tear Resistant Plastic • The Second End- A blend and array of natural feathers • NO METAL PARTS!

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