Grumpy Fairies

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The Grumpy Fairies is a funny picture book that teaches the value of getting out of a bad mood--delightfully illustrated and beautifully presented with a gold foil-accented cover.

Deep in the darkest forests, under rustling leaves, live the fairies. You probably think that fairies are good, kind, and sweet. Well, a lot of them are. These helpful fairies take care of the forest and they're happy to do it. But I'm sorry to tell you that some of the fairies, particularly the littlest ones, are GRUMPY.

I mean proper grumpy.
I mean foot-stompy, frowny, bottom-lip-sticking-outy kind of grumpy.
I mean "it's just one of those days" grumpy.

But these grumpy fairies better watch out. There's a wolf about, and grumpy fairies happen to be a wolf's favorite food...

This wonderful, funny book will bring a smile to the smallest (and grumpiest) of children.

Author: Bethan Stevens

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