Crunchy Not Sweet

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What does an adventurous, red-eyed tree frog do when he suddenly finds his diet of squishy, mushy worms BORING? He sets off exploring! Not afraid to try new foods, Little Tree Dude tastes a banana (too mushy!), a berry (too sweet!), and even a nut (no way to crack it!). What will this famished frog find to eat? "Zipping and flipping a dark spot zooms by…" What is it? Something crunchy, not sweet, and the perfect frog treat.

With a nod to concepts such as "diet" and "carnivore/herbivore" and a short glossary of "Frog Facts," Crunchy, Not Sweet is a STEM-themed book for the youngest of readers. It can also be used to encourage the pickiest of eaters to try new foods―just like Little Tree Dude. But mostly, Crunchy, Not Sweet is the kind of picture book that kids will ask to read again and again…and again!

Vibrant colors, sing-song rhyme, and fabulously funny frog faces will leave readers captivated by Little Tree Dude's taste-testing adventure through the rainforest.

By Amy Frances Ward

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