Um… brella

April showers bring May flowers. April is upon us, and with those impending showers it’s imperative to stay prepared with the latest in umbrella fashion.

Those toting big umbrellas have an easy choice: if you’re on the golf course Mincer’s has you covered with this sporty UVA umbrella.

Golf Umbrella

If you are waltzing around in the rain, maybe splashing in a puddle or two, getting a sense of romance from the weather, then the holographic route is the way to go. This umbrella gives you the translucence that makes you feel at once safe from nature and in awe of it. Because having a portable roof over your head is amazing.

Holographic Umbrella

As kids’ umbrellas go, the possibilities are endless. There’s the straight and classy black and white umbrella, and the holographic route for the dreambound children.
Other possibilities include the more zany effervescent ‘brells. Wizards, fairies, gators, rain clouds, and my personal favorite, flamingos are just some of the many styles for kids out there right now.


Whatever you’re toting, we hope you enjoy this April rain or shine.



Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

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