The Candle Spiel

Whether it’s a romantic evening or a downed power line, lighting makes all the difference. Be it for a loved one, a housemate, or a pet, a candle is a perfect gift.

Not concerned about the downed power line situation, but have someone who matters to you a lot? You don’t know what to get them, but feel that you should spend at least $20 on them? A candle is a perfect gift.

Are you pining for days gone by? Miss the time before Ben Franklin flew his kite in a thunderstorm, before Edison perfected the light bulb? Or are you just trying to spice up a date with that special someone? Buy yourself a candle!

Does that special someone take stinky dumps? Don’t draw attention to it with a bottle of air freshener, buy a (scented) candle

Do you just like candles? Buy a candle!


Photo by Chirag K

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