Christmas List: The Dog Walk

It’s freezing outside because it’s December, but you decide to rough it and walk the dog. You need to stay warm, but you want to look good. 

Here’s the playbook: take a cardigan that’s bold and beautiful, plus a subtle hint if he hasn’t popped the question yet.

Your dad got you socks for your birthday that you've dying to wear with that pair of ankle cut jeans that you got after watching The Queen’s Gambit. Why not? Go for it!

But it’s not just about clothes. Two things that are absolutely essential anytime you go outside with the dog in winter are lip butter, to keep those lips from cracking like a winter sidewalk after a snow, and dog treats because let’s face it the dog is really a lap dog and won’t go anywhere without a little coaxing.

What do you take on The Dog Walk? Let us know below!


Image creds: Photo by laurent mandine on Unsplash

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