7 Cville items for your next picnic

Spring is here which means it's finally picnic weather again! We got you with local Charlottesville buys to help you prep for your next picnic

1. Aviator Nation T-shirt from Quattro Tizi

If you're like us, you've learned the value of comfortable clothes during the pandemic and aren't ready to give it up yet. This cotton tee keeps it simple but classy.

2. Tie Dye Slip Dress from Finch

Nothing says spring is here like some classy tie dye! This dress from Finch doesn't overdo it and fits the spring vibes.

3. Socco French Straw Basket from O'Suzannah

No picnic is complete without the picnic basket. We like the aesthetic of this basket from O'Suzannah.

4. Red Pepper Jelly from The Virginia Shop

Spice up the picnic a bit with this red pepper jelly, made locally in Virginia.

5. Pure Raw Honey from The Virginia Shop

Prefer sweet over spicy? This local honey will do the trick. Just be careful to not draw ants to your picnic blanket.

6. Toddler Bread Basket from Alakazam

Kids don't have to feel left out. They can join too with their own bread basket, complete with some fabric bread!

u7. Kings Family Crosé from The Virginia Shop

We haven't tried this one ourselves but we're told it has notes of passionfrut, strawberry, and citrus. Sounds very spring-y to us.

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