5 bottle-worthy activities

A good bottle can make all the difference. Choosing the right bottle for the right occasion is a delicate balance between style and utility. Here are five activities that give you time to love your bottle. 

  1. Hiking: the basic one, don’t get dehydrated, passing out on the trail is not a good look. This bottle will keep your water cold for you while you trek.
  2. Walking the dog: This bottle shows that revolutions can come in small packages. Sharing water with your dog from the same bottle? Seeing is believing my friend.
  3. Being a baby: We all fondly remember the time when we used bottles as pacifiers while we were still in diapers. Some of us want to reenact that time, we don't judge.

  4. Dancing: We’re obsessed with this one.
  5. Going to school: Between having no hall pass and no time between class this school bottle kicks… it… when it comes to staying hydrated.
  6. Not technically a bottle. These socks make sure everyone appreciates the importance of bottles, so we love them for that. 



Photo by Joan Tran on Unsplash  

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